Saturday, December 31, 2005

Marisa's 'Wild Thing' (You Make My GIF Sing!) 


you down with ftp?
yeah you know me!

all these "hits" are messing with our server...
proof that acidddddd can't be contained!!!
look for new linx after the party...............

{{ :: but don't stop partying:: }}

okay. is everybody following this (r)evolutionary model? {wait! does everyone know it's about evolution??!!} so we have transmission. we are transmitting msgs to each other & to you.

.::.the blog is our public sphere.::.

then we have radio transmissions, to which i am 'singing along.' then we have recording equipment with 'male' & 'female' parts. then we have 'females' singing 'male parts.' then we have a new kind of transmission... an std for your mind.... oh yesssssss!!!!!!!! then we have a BIG OL nerd who luvs her boombox! :)
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